What Does The Process Of Applying Ceramic Coating Involve

What Does The Process Of Applying Ceramic Coating Involve?

Wash Doc Auto Detailing receives all sorts of inquiries about the advantages of applying a ceramic coating to vehicles. Our professionals are fully trained in ceramic coating application which offers a high level of protection to your car. Follow this article by Wash Doc Auto Detailing in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX, to find out more about ceramic coating and how to apply it.

How Does Ceramic Coating Protect Your Vehicle?

Protect against UV rays

The sun’s UV rays will negatively affect your vehicle’s painted surfaces. When a car is exposed to the sun, it will cause fading, oxidation, and peeling. A properly applied ceramic coating can provide the paint protection you need to avoid such damage.

Resistance to chemical substances

Acidic substances will damage your vehicle’s exterior. The ceramic coating offers chemical resistance that prevents etching or stains caused by impurities adhering to paint or striking wheel surfaces.

Ease Of Cleaning

Due to the hydrophobic features of ceramic coating, you will be able to keep your vehicle cleaner for longer. Ceramic coating is particularly effective against tree sap and swirl marks from industrial car washes. However, you must clean it regularly to maintain the coating’s quality.

How Many Stages Of Ceramic Coating Application Are There?

Ceramic coating is a great way to keep your vehicle’s paintwork in good condition while adding a level of protection at the same time. The following is the ceramic coating application process.

Prep work

Using the two-bucket wash technique, wash and rinse your car to remove dirt and grime from the paint surface.

Clay Bar

The surface has been cleansed of filth and grime. Now, we must eliminate obstinate impurities using a clay bar or speed clay product.

Paint Correction

Now that the surface has been thoroughly cleansed of dirt, filth, and other impurities, we can examine scuffs, swirls, and fading paint. For this part of the process, use rubbing chemicals, scratch removers, or a good polish. This phase might take some time, but it’ll be worth the reward once your paintwork is as smooth as glass.

Clean Surface

Once the surface meets your approval and is as smooth as glass, we can prepare it for the ceramic coating. Using Isopropyl Alcohol and a clean microfibre towel, wipe off each piece to ensure the surface is clear of pollutants. This will allow the ceramic coating to bind to the surface without difficulty.

Apply The Ceramic Coating

Ensure the panel is cool to the touch and clean of dust. Working in tiny portions, spray the ceramic coating over the surface using a gentle mist. Using a gentle, clean microfiber cloth or applicator, evenly distribute the substance around the surface until it vanishes. Ten minutes or so are required for the ceramic coating to adhere to the surface.

How Should We Maintain Ceramic Coating?

How Should We Maintain Ceramic Coating

  • Wait to wash your vehicle for seven days after applying the ceramic coating.

You should wait at least one week before washing your vehicle following its application. It permits the ceramic coating to cure fully.

  • Avoid washing your vehicle in direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight generates heat, which eventually causes your ceramic coating to break. Avoid this by washing your vehicle under cover or in the garage to get a spotless exterior.

  • Utilize a car-specific cleaning product.

Car-specific shampoos and soaps do not include the corrosive chemicals which are in most cleaning solutions. They are pH-neutral, making them the ideal materials to use when washing a vehicle with a ceramic coating since they are not harmful to the coating.

  • Immediately eliminate impurities from your coated paint.

Acidic contaminants, bird droppings, insect splatters, and tree sap may destroy your ceramic coating. Therefore, if these substances come into contact with your ceramic-coated paint, they must be removed ASAP.

  • Do not use an automatic vehicle wash.

Using brushes, an automatic car wash will clean your vehicle. These brushes may cause harm to your ceramic coating, degrading it over time. If you must automatically wash your vehicle, choose a touchless car wash.

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