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What Is The Process Of Ceramic Coating Application?

If you want to look after your vehicle with long term protection and maintain the high gloss finish, ceramic coating is an excellent method. But how can we make sure ceramic coating stays durable? How can we get the most from our ceramic coating? In addition to adequate maintenance, the ceramic coating is also affected by its application.

In this blog by Wash Doc Auto Detailing in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX, we will show you how to apply ceramic coating using the correct method.

Does Ceramic Coating Value Your Vehicle?

The answer is yes. Ceramic coating brings many benefits to your vehicle that car owners should know. Here are four outstanding advantages of ceramic coating.

Decreased Oxidation

Your vehicle’s paint may deteriorate if it is exposed to ultraviolet light. Ceramic coating will reduce oxidation by sealing and preserving paint, extending its lifespan.

Resistance to chemical substances

Acidic substances might damage your vehicle’s exterior. Ceramic coatings provide chemical resistance that prevents etching and stains caused by impurities adhering to paint or striking surfaces.

Enhance Car’s Appearance

Ceramic coatings preserve the automobile’s appearance, which is a priority for any car owner. When purchasing a vehicle based on its beauty, you must maintain it correctly.

Stay Cleaner For Longer!

Ceramic coating’s ability to make cleaning easier is one of its most significant advantages. The ceramic coating repels dirt and water, preventing it from clinging to the paint or wheels. When protected by a ceramic coating, your car will remain cleaner for longer.

How Many Stages In The Ceramic Coating Application Process?

Decontaminating Vehicle Wash

For a ceramic paint layer to adhere to any substrate, the substrate must be immaculately clean and devoid of contaminants. Professional detailers conduct a four-step procedure that decontaminates the surface and eliminates minor flaws in the clear coat. These are the microscopic peaks and valleys that comprise any hard surface.

Paint Correction

A mild polish with a finishing compound may be sufficient for a brand-new, never-driven automobile. A thorough cut and polish will be required to remove swirl marks and scratches from used cars with ‘life experience’. Follow the directions on your chosen power polisher and supplies.

Panel Wipe Removal

A panel wipe is a product meant to remove polish residue in preparation for surface protection. After polishing a vehicle, an oily residue is left on the paintwork resembling a haze or holograms. This greasy residue will make the paint appear ugly and prevent the ceramic coating from adhering to the car’s surface.

Ceramic Coating Application

Let’s begin covering the surface. Even though this product is meant to be used outside, experts suggest waiting until the temperature stabilizes and cools down before applying any coating.

Allow the ceramic coating to cure

The ceramic coating may look dry, but it has yet to cure entirely. You should keep it away from moisture and make sure it does not get wet for at least 48 hours after the application. The ceramic coating will continue solidifying for about seven days, so do your best to keep it dry and clean during this initial phase. 

What Should We Be Cautious About When Applying Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is quite simple to clean. To maintain this lustrous sheen, though, you must take some precautions.

  • Because the clear coat might interfere with the adherence of your ceramic coating and accelerate its deterioration, you should avoid using strong chemicals.
  • When cleaning your vehicle, use a soft car wash soap and avoid pressure washers, abrasive sponges, and wash mitts, which may harm the ceramic coating.
  • Wax your vehicle every six months to retain the ceramic coating’s shiny look.

Appropriate application of ceramic coating protects your car significantly. Ceramic coating extends the life of your car’s paint by forming a smooth barrier that prevents regular daily wear and tear.

Wash Doc Auto Detailing in Dallas & Fort Worth, provides an exceptional ceramic coating treatment that can make your vehicle look stunning while prolonging its life and preserving its market value. Ready to give your car the ultimate protection? Schedule an appointment now at +1 817-225-8586 for the finest mobile ceramic coating in Fort Worth and the DFW area, TX!

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